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“ The 3rd TSUBO-1 Grand prix “


☆☆☆☆☆☆ 最終結果発表 ☆☆☆☆☆☆
The announcement of the last count result



🏺角居 康宏『 壺 LAYER 』 91
 SUMII Yasuhiro “Pot / LAYER”  / vote 91

2位 木ノ戸 久仁子「 稀晶石壺(降ってきた石) 」 75
2nd prize  KINOTO Kuniko “KISHOU-SEKI vase / A stone that fell” / vote 75

3位 樽田 裕史「 つぼみ 」 54
3rd prize  TARUTA Hiroshi “Bud” / vote 54

4位 寺田 鉄平「 織部壺 」 53票  
4th prize  TERADA Teppei “ORIBE pot” / vote 53

5位 山田 浩之「 White Earth 」 52
5th prize  YAMADA Hiroyuki “White Earth” / vote 52


【オンライン投票部門 1位】
1st prize in the online vote section

木ノ戸 久仁子「 稀晶石壺(降ってきた石) 」
KINOTO Kuniko “KISHOU-SEKI vase / A stone that fell”


【SNS部門 1位】1st prize in the SNS section

大下 邦弘「 思う壺 」
OSHITA Kunihiro “Omou-Tsubo (as expected)”




We received more votes (at the venue, online, and SNS) than ever the 2nd TSUBO-1 Grand Prix, and it was a very close race until the end.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who paid attention, came to the venue, and voted.
We will continue to show "TSUBO" from PAKUPAKUAN in order to spark the "TSUBO" movement.
Please keep your eyes on the next TSUBO-1 Grand Prix!!



 The grand prix prizes winner goes to YAMADA Shoshun (YAMATO-KADO school) via PAKUPAKUAN.



Please contact us if you have interests or questions about works which exhibited in the 3rd “TSUBO-1 Grand Prix”.