Enjoy the new daily life with "Japanese Hybrid Art" from Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN
Current exhibition

月 夜 に 骨 踊 る

白白庵 オンライン+アポイントメント限定企画
shiki 田中 英一 展
2020.11.28 Sat. 11:00am. - 12.7 Mon. 7:00pm.

Atelier SHIKI (feat. TANAKA Eiichi) lacquerware exhibition
“Bones dance in a moonlit night”

モ ノ ク ロ ー ム の 隣 人 極 彩 色 の 酩 酊

あ な た の 瞳 は 私 の 痩 せ 細 っ た
肉 体 の 内 側 ま で 見 通 す ほ ど に
冷 酷 で 美 し さ に 溢 れ て

震 え を 抑 え な が ら
月 下 酒 に 宵 い し れ る の で す

Monochromic neighbor Super-chromatic intoxication

Your eyes are so cruel and beautiful
that you can see into my skinny body

While suppressing tremors
We will be intoxicated with drinking under the moon.

白白庵 へようこそ!





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PAKUPAKUAN, which is the quiet house in Minami-Aoyama area, Tokyo, exhibits and sells a lot of art/craft works made by spirited artists who create all over Japan. We communicate the charms of artworks in Japan and abroad through contemporary tea ceremony style. In 2020, under the situation of COVID-19 surrounding the world, we have established PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP in order to send our messages online to you.

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