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【常設作品】ツタンカーメン堂 TUTANKHAMENDO's permanent collection

ツタンカーメン堂 Tutankhamendo


Tutankhamendo is a select shop with a motto "Life is more interesting and funny".
An undisclosed woodcarver and ceramic artist select their own creations based on mysterious and historical objects from around the world.
They work mainly with materials such as ceramics, wood, and metal. They also incorporate traditional techniques such as dyeing, lacquer, and gold leaf.
They started their activities at the end of 2016. Exhibited at galleries, department store events, art fairs, etc.


2017 「新春2017 / 現代日本の工芸市」(ホテルニューオータニ / 東京)
    「KAYARISM 2017」(伊勢丹新宿店 / 東京)
    「ツタンカーメン堂の秘宝展」(五感肆パレアナ / 東京)
2018 「大ツタンカーメン堂展」(白白庵 / 東京)
2019 「ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO 2019」(YUKI-SIS / パークホテル東京 / 東京)
    「The Super Dupers」(YUKI-SIS / スパイラル / 東京)
    「Portrait展」(スパイラル / 東京)
2021 「ツタンカーメン堂の新春秘宝展」(白白庵オンライン / 東京)
2022 「大ツタンカーメン堂展 2022」(白白庵 / 東京)

Major exhibitions】
2017 “JAPAN ART CONVENI 2017” (Hotel New Otani / Tokyo)
    “KAYARISM 2017” (ISZETAN Shinjuku Store / Tokyo)
    “Tutankhamendo’s hidden treasure exhibition” (GOKANSHI Pollyanna / Tokyo)
2018 “The great exhibition of Tutankhamendo” (PAKUPAKUAN / Tokyo)
2019 “ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO 2019” (from Gallery YUKI-SIS) (Park Hotel Tokyo / Tokyo)
    “The Super Dupers” (from Gallery YUKI-SIS) (SPIRAL / Tokyo)
    “Portrait” (SPIRAL / Tokyo)
2021 "The hidden treasure exhibition of new year by Tutankhamendo" (PAKUPAKUAN online shop / Tokyo)
2022 “The great exhibition of Tutankhamendo 2022” (PAKUPAKUAN / Tokyo)