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角居康宏 SUMII Yasuhiro

燃焼し 溶解する 原風景


Burning and dissolving landscape of the heart

SUMII Yasuhiro finds the source of everything in the fire that melts metal, making his works with the theme of "the beginning" of the world.
His artworks made of tin, a soft metal is known for its flexibility, are used in a wide range of products such as sake pitchers, sake cups, vases, tea ceremony utensils, and daily tableware, which is highly regarded by many enthusiasts.
On the other hand, in solo exhibitions at museums, he has been actively showing his metal objects melted at high temperatures, that is the original scene of his work.
He continues to improve himself and interact with people in the "NAKAJO ART LOCATION《BA》", which he launched in 2018 as a leading member.
We will introduce the artist, who is indispensable to all the exhibitions at PAKUPAKUAN, and his artworks from representative works to rare items.

角居 康宏 SUMII Yasuhiro

金工作家 / 長野県在住

1968 石川県生まれ
1993 金沢美術工芸大学 美術工芸学部産業美術学科 工芸デザイン専攻 卒業
1995 「天理ビエンナーレ」(奈良)
1997 個展(游アートステーション / 長野)
1998 個展(Hodge Podge / 京都)
2000 個展(コバヤシ画廊 / 東京)(’01)
2002 個展(Gallery Den / 大阪)
2003 個展(ギャラリー深志 / 長野)
2004 個展(ギャラリー川船 / 東京)(’06, ‘09, ‘13, ‘16)
2005 「中国国際画廊博覧会」(北京, 中国)(’06)
2007 個展(ギャラリー82 / 長野), 「まつしろ現代美術フェスティバル」(松代 / 長野)(’08)
2008 個展(金沢市民芸術村 / 石川)
2009 個展(ギャラリー点 / 石川), 「佐野ルネッサンス鋳金展」[優秀賞受賞](佐野市, 栃木)
2011 個展(ギャラリー象家 / 愛知)
     「金工 角居康宏展」(アートサロン光玄 / 愛知)(’18)
2013 個展(小川村, 長野)
2015 個展(志賀高原ロマン美術館 / 長野)
2016 個展(関口美術館 / 東京)
2017 個展「野辺」(as baku B / 金沢), 個展(信州高遠美術館 / 長野)
2018 「シンビズム」(信州ミュージアムネットワーク選抜展)
2019 「南青山大茶湯」、「夏の宵茶会」、「大縁起物展」(白白庵 / 東京)


Metalworking artist / Resident in Nagano pref.

【Brief Personal History】
1968 Born in Ishikawa Japan
1993 Graduate from Kanazawa University of  Art and Craft
1995 Tenri Biennale (Nara)
1997 Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale(Hokkaido)
2005 China International Gallery Exposition (Beijing China) (’06)
2007 Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.6(Nagano) (’08)
2009 Sano renaissance[silver prize] (Sano, Tochigi)
2015 Solo Exhibition [Shigakogen roman museum] (Tokyo)
2016 Solo Exhibition [Sekiguchi Art Museum] (Tokyo)
2018 Shinbism(Selection of Shinsyu Museum Network)