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t nouge 赤部 夏美 SEKIBE Natsumi


滋賀県彦根市の自宅兼ギャラリー「髙橋美術」で、鋭く研ぎ澄まされた感性のアクセサリーを作る赤部夏美のブランド「t nouge(タ・ヌージュ)」。


t nouge | 赤部 夏美 SEKIBE Natsumi

アクセサリー作家 / 滋賀県在住

1979 滋賀県彦根市生まれ
2000 京都芸術短期大学造形学部 卒業
2005 個人作家としてアクセサリー制作をスタート
2006 ハンガリーに遊学
2008 「t nouge」(タ・ヌージュ)として滋賀県彦根市の自宅アトリエにて制作販売開始



As a weapon and armor to wear

SEKIBE Natsumi's brand "t nouge" creates accessories with a keenly honed sensibility at her home and gallery "Art TAKAHASHI" in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture.

Her accessories, which are popular at PAKUPAKUAN, are all individualistic items that give women courage and power.
The accessories are suitable for women who don't cut corners in their fashion even if they wear a mask, looking great even in simple outfits.
New items will be released at any time.

Accessories designer / resident in Shiga pref.

1979 Born in Shiga Prefecture
2000 Graduated from Kyoto Junior College of Art , molding department
2005 Started activity as a solo accessories designer
2006 Self studied in Hungary
2008 Started activity as self brand “t nouge” at home gallery in Hikone, Shiga pref.