Enjoy the new daily life with "Japanese Hybrid Art" from Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN

藤本絢子 FUJIMOTO Ayako


藤本 絢子 FUJIMOTO Ayako

(画家 / 神奈川県在住)

1985 大阪生まれ
2008 京都市立芸術大学美術科油画専攻 卒業
2011 京都造形芸術大学修士課程 芸術表現専攻洋画領域 修了

2009 第7回三菱商事アートゲートプログラム 入選 以降第10回, 第17回, 第18回 入選
2010 第二回松陰芸術賞 授賞
    ALBION AWARDS 2010 銀賞受賞
2014 第29回ホルベイン・スカラシップ奨学生 認定
2015 第二回うたづ Art Award 2015 大賞受賞
    Young Creators Award 2015 優秀賞受賞

【Brief personal history】
1985 born in Osaka,Japan
2008 completed at Kyoto City University of Arts.
2011 completed MA at Kyoto University Of Arts And Design

2009 – 2013 "7th,10th,17th,18th Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program"
2010 Silver Prize at"ALBION AWARDS 2010"
    "2th Shoin Art Prize"
2014 "The 29th HOLBEIN Scholarship"
2015 Gold Prize at "2nd Utazu Art Award 2015"



My works are structured by their colors. On the surface of the canvas, the energy of the contrasts embody the energy of the piece of art, itself.
This feeling increases with the use of high saturated, complementary colors. When I’m penetrated by it, I feel in myself a swirling clash of passion and impulses. When the work is finished and embodied by this sublimed swirl of color and feeling, I feel an ephemeral catharsis.