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菱田賢治 HISHIDA Kenji

菱田 賢治 HISHIDA Kenji

漆芸・陶胎漆器・蒔絵作家 / 静岡県在住

1964 神奈川県横須賀市生まれ
1989 東京芸術大学美術学部デザイン科卒業
1991 東京芸術大学修士課程(大学院)卒業
1991~2000 株式会社電通にてアート・ディレクター
2001~2008 尾道大学 芸術文化学部 准教授
2008 静岡県伊豆熱川に築窯。工房「陶と漆」を設立。


Japanese Lacker Art, Gold lacquer work,
Ceramic ware coated with lacquer  / Resident in Shizuoka pref.

【Brief personal history】
1964 Born in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa City
1989 Graduated from Tokyo University of The Arts, Department of DESIGN
1991 Completed the Master's course at Tokyo University of The Arts (Graduate School)
1991~2000 Worked as an art director at Dentsu Inc.
2001~2008 Worked as an associate professor at the Faculty of Arts and Culture of Onomichi City University
2008 Established his own kiln and atelier “TOU TO URUSHI (Ceramics and Lacquer)” at Izuatagawa, Shizuoka Prefecture