Enjoy the new daily life with "Japanese Hybrid Art" from Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN

海野貴彦 KAINO Takahiko

海野 貴彦 KAINO Takahiko

画家 / 愛媛県在住




Painter / Resident in Ehime pref.

【Brief Personal History】
Born in Tokyo on 6th June 1975. Painter.
A festival lover who bears the title of painter. In 2012, he came to like Matsuyama city Ehime Prefecture and moved his base from Tokyo to Matsuyama.
He moves from one battlefield to another like a singer of Japanese traditional ballads, keeps publishing his artworks, devotes himself entirely to “Human revitalization” like “Town Revitalization”.
He is good at “using the most of the place while painting what he can do only there”. The major drawing materials are “paints” and “people”: He paints with colors on a canvas and “draws a town with people”. He calls himself “painter”, including making himself colors of a city.
That is why it is said that the most enjoyable place in Japan is where KAINO is.
He expresses in many different ways such as painting pictures, live performances, producing projects, lectures, contributing, appearance on a screen, TV program, and advertisement.