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書家・白石雪妃 Calligrapher SHIRAISHI Setsuhi

書家 白石 雪妃 
Calligrapher SHIRAISHI Setsuhi

(書家 / 東京都在住)


2014 FIFA W杯日本代表新ユニフォームのコンセプト「円陣」揮毫。
イタリアBERETTA社 THA SO6 EELL PROJECT カタログ/プレスリリースロゴ
イタリア・ミラノ万博 日本館認定イベントにてインスタレーション

She has been interested in calligraphy since she was a child and gained the title of a master calligrapher.
Her calligraphy style as composite art is highly evaluated, such as collaborations with other areas.

2014 Wrote the concept “Circle” of Japan National Team 2018 FIFA World Cup™ uniform
Created the catalog/press release logo for The Beretta SO6 EELL "Izumi Project" (Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta / Italy)
Installed at the event certified by Japan Pavilion (milanoexpo-2015 / Italy)






きっかけになったのは、マイルス・デイビスのアルバム「Kind of blue」に書かれたビル・エバンスのライナーノーツである。









Setsuhi Shiraishi

Professional Calligrapher. She continues to pursue the beauty of the lines and spaces that influence the viewers momentarily. She sublimes calligraphy as a comprehensive art, such as collaborating with other arts in a unique style while transmitting the world of traditional calligraphy, is highly appreciated. Her live performances created by fusion with live music attract many fans all over the world.

She designed the concept of the new uniform for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Japan National Team, "Circle". She performed for the official visit for the Commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. With Shiseido Co., Ltd. for Clé de Peau Beauté, she was selected as "6 women", and works to transcend the frame, such as producing TRM of Panasonic and wall paintings of Oracle Japan Co., Ltd.

She worked at Installation at the Japan Pavilion certification event at Expo Milan. Performed at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. She was invited artist at Abiko International Outdoor Art Exhibition Installation.
She did solo exhibitions at Paris, NY, SF, JICC Embassy of Japan in the United States, live tours in 6 cities in the United States, and was also invited overseas to France every year.