Enjoy the new daily life with "Japanese Hybrid Art" from Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN

星川あすか HOSHIKAWA Asuka




Welcome to the forest of creatures

HOSHIKAWA Asuka was born in Osaka Prefecture and now lives in Tokyo. She started her artist activities as a painter and later studied ceramics. She has had a wide range of expressions in both.
From 2014 to 2018, she was actively involved in the PAKUPAKUAN projects at department stores, which won the hearts of many fans.

The artist paints a vivid picture of the signs of "creatures" that we feel in our daily lives and we would like to share with you the evolution of her work. This is her long-awaited appearance online.

星川 あすか HOSHIKAWA Asuka

絵画・陶芸作家 / 東京都在住

1977 大阪府生まれ
2002 大阪教育大学大学院教育学研究科 芸術文化専攻美術表現 修了
2004 大原千尋氏より陶芸を学ぶ

2002 ギャラリー白(大阪)
2003 ギャラリー白(大阪)、アートフラッシュ(御殿山美術センター / 大阪)
2004 ギャラリー白・白3(大阪)、アートフラッシュ(御殿山美術センター / 大阪)
2007 ギャラリーwks.(大阪)
2009 ギャラリーDEN(大阪)
2012 ウラガえる森(OギャラリーUP・S / 東京)
2013 ギャラリー白(大阪)
2014 板室温泉大黒屋ショップ展、OギャラリーUP・S
2018 サロンモザイク(大阪)
2020 阪急百貨店うめだ本店コトコトステージ71(大阪)


Paint and ceramic artist / Resident in Tokyo

【Brief Personal History】
1977 Born in Osaka prefecture
2002 Completed the master’s course of fine art culture program (art expression area) at Graduate School of Education in the Osaka Kyoiku University
2004 Learned ceramics under OHARA Chihiro
2010~ Lives in Tokyo

【Major Solo Exhibition】
2002 GALLERY HAKU (Osaka)
2003 GALLERY HAKU (Osaka), ART FLASH (Gotenyama Art Center / Osaka)
2004 GALLERY HAKU / HAKU 3 (Osaka), ART FLASH (Gotenyama Art Center / Osaka)
2007 GALLERY wks. (Osaka)
2009 Gallery Den (Osaka)
2012 Overturned Forest (O gallery UP・S / Osaka)
2013 GALLERY HAKU (Osaka)
2014 Shop Exhibition (Itamuro Onsen Daikokuya / Tochigi), O gallery UP・S (Osaka)
2018 Gallery salon mosaic (Osaka)
2020 KOTOKOTO Stage 71 (Hankyu Umeda Main Store / Osaka)