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小野澤弘一 ONOZAWA Koichi

小野澤 弘一 ONOZAWA Koichi

陶胎漆器 / 栃木県在住

1983 東京都豊島区に生まれる
2008 多治見市陶磁器意匠研究所卒業
2011 栃木県那須郡那珂川町で開窯
2014 現代茶湯アワード2014・デザイン部門銀賞
2015 第8回現代茶陶展・入選
2016 第9回現代茶陶展・入選
    Open to art 2016 Finalist (イタリア, ミラノ)
2017 麗水国際アートフェスティバル2017(韓国, 麗水)
    15 young potters from Japan(アメリカ, ニューヨーク)
    ミラノサローネ Knollショールームに作品提供


Ceramic ware coated with lacquer / Resident in Tochigi pref.

【Brief Personal History】
1983 Born in Toshima Ward, Tokyo
2008 Graduated from Tajimi city Pottery Design and Technical Center, Gifu
2011 Moved to Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-gun, Nakagawa-machi, and opened a pottery kiln
2014 Silver Medal in the Design Category of “Contemporary Japanese Tea Ceremony Awards 2014
2015 Selected, “The 8th Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition” by Toki city”
2016 Selected, “The 9th Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition” by Toki city”
    Finalist in “Open to art 2016” (Milan, Italy)
2017 Yeosu International Art Festival 2017 (Yeosu, Korea)
    15 young potters from Japan(New York, USA)
    Selected, Arita International Ceramics Competition
    Milan Design Week 2017 Knoll Provision of works to showrooms (Milan, Italy)