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寺田鉄平 TERADA Teppei

寺田鉄平 瀬戸・織部の新しい風

時代を牽引する作り手が遂に、白白庵初個展を2020 年2月に行いました。




TERADA Teppei New Breese of  SETO / ORIBE

Majestic and resourceful.

The artist, who leads this generation, held his first solo exhibition at PAKUPAKUAN on February 2020.

TERADA Teppei, who has a presence in “Hyouge Jissaku (The extreme potters’ group from the courtesy of a popular comic “HYOUGE MONO” (KODANSHA / Yoshihiro Yamada))” as one of the most talented artists. He is now consolidating the position of the ceramic artist who represents this generation: He is called a young leader from Seto City, Aichi.

Though his ORIBE works and Seto tea bowls have light touches, they still create a profound impression, which is highly popular among not only ceramic fans but also beginners.

He newly invented a series called “SETO SHIRO” for the solo exhibition. Those SETO SHIRO works attracted good reviews and a few left in stock. That is why we mostly show “ORIBE” and “SETO GURO” here as one of his most highly-rated works.