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富田啓之 TOMITA Hiroyuki

Earthen wareの未来系


Earthen Ware's Future Tense

The artist creates dynamic and architectural forms by hand, using colorful paints and gold, silver, and platinum glazes in abundance.
He is more of an "artist" than a general "potter" as he constantly challenges himself; he uses soil from the Kanto loam layer and takes on the challenge of creating large objects. The works created from his primitive impulses are somehow nostalgic and futuristic.

事の端・現の端 富田啓之

富田 啓之 TOMITA Hiroyuki

陶芸家 / 群馬県在住

1977 神奈川県大磯町に生まれる
1998 藤沢市《さいとう工房》にて金属造形を学ぶ
2000 陶芸家 伊集院真理子に師事
2007 神奈川県伊勢原市にて独立
2021 群馬県邑楽町に移転


Ceramic artist / Resident in Gunma pref.

【Brief personal history】
1977 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
2000 Learned under IJUIN Mariko (Ceramic artist)
2007 Independent as a Ceramic artist
2021 Moved to Oura-cho, Gunma pref.