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大下邦弘 OSHITA Kunihiro

大下 邦弘 OSHITA Kunihiro

ガラス作家 / 福島県在住

1975 生まれ
1998 武蔵工業大学工学部建築学科卒業(建築計画専攻)
1998-2002 建築に従事(住宅設計会社・国家公務員)
2001 佛教大学文学部史学科卒業
2002-2003 ガラスアクセサリー店VINETA経営
2003-2005 富山ガラス造形研究所にてガラスを学ぶ


Glass artist / resident in Fukushima pref.

【Brief personal history】
1975 Born in Komatsushima city, Tokushima Prefecture
1998 Graduated from Musashi Technical College (Present: Tokyo City University)
    Department of Architecture (Architectural planning program)
    Published a thesis in The AIJ Journal of Technology and Design vol.6
1998-2002 Engaged in architecture (House design company, government official)
2001 Graduated from Department of History, School of Literature of Bukkyo University
2002-2003 Owned glass accessory shop “VINETA”
2003-2005 Learned glass at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art