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吉田延泰 YOSHIDA Nobuyasu

吉田 延泰 YOSHIDA Nobuyasu

ガラス作家(パート・ド・ヴェール)/ 兵庫県在住

1978 神戸市生まれ
2002 近畿大学芸術学科ガラスゼミ 卒業
2005 UCA芸術大学 MA Contemporary craft 修了
2006-2009 アトリエクラフト西宮キルンワーク・講師
2010~ 「がらす庵」設立
2019 神戸市文化奨励賞 受賞


Glass artist (Pâte de verre / Paste of Glass Technique) / Resident in Hyogo pref.

【Brief Personal History】
1978 Born in Kobe City
2002 Graduated from the glass seminar at the art course of KINDAI University
2005 Completed the master’s degree in the contemporary craft at University for the Creative Arts
2006~2009 Worked as a teacher of atelier craft Nishinomiya kiln work
2010~ Established “Glass an”
2019 Recieved the KOBE culture prize for encouragement (HYOGO pref.)