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佐藤早苗 SATO Sanae


佐藤 早苗 SATO Sanae

(画家 / 神奈川県在住)

1985 生まれ
2008 京都造形芸術大学 芸術学部美術工芸学科油画コース 卒業
2010 京都造形芸術大学大学院 修士課程 修了

2005 西宮市大谷記念美術館賞

2008 「永遠の水槽」(Oギャラリーeyes / 大阪)
2009 Oギャラリーeyes(大阪)
2016 新宿プロムナードギャラリー(東京)
2018 gallery Q(東京)

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SATO Sanae

(Painter / Lives in Kanagawa Prefecture)

1985 Born
2008 Graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Oil Painting Course
2010 Completed Master's program, Graduate School of Kyoto University of the Arts

2005 Prize of Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City

【Solo Exhibitions】
2008 "Eternal Water Tank" (O Gallery eyes / Osaka)
2009 O Gallery eyes (Osaka)
2016 Shinjuku Promenade Gallery (Tokyo)
2018 gallery Q (Tokyo)

HP sanaen1224.wixsite.com/works

Twitter @SanaeSato10
instagram _pineapplesan_


The seashore and flowers have some meaning for me, and I am stricken with an indescribable ethereal emotion, which becomes a mental landscape.

The process of creation is self-healing that quenches a thirst that cannot be quenched, and at the same time, I aim to create paintings that seek deep resonance and that gently touch the heart of someone else.