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伊豆野一政 IZUNO Kazumasa






IZUNO Kazumasa “Forms of Prayer”

The artist is distinguished by the texture of old pottery and his heavy yet somehow humorous style.
Here you can enjoy the new works online for this year's solo exhibition, scheduled to be held in May 2020, online.

The world has been drastically altered by the Corona disaster, and now the normal life is returning again.
Since human history is full of various disasters and calamities, "prayer" will never disappear.

IZUNO proposes the statues of traditional good luck charms, animals, and slightly unexpected characters as "forms of prayer".

At first glance, it may seem somber, but more and more people are becoming obsessed with its appeal.
Why don't you keep it by your side?

二一世紀の陰翳礼讃 伊豆野一政

伊豆野 一政 IZUNO Kazumasa

陶芸家 / 埼玉県在住

1974 生まれ
1999 京都造形芸術大学デザイン科情報デザイン 卒業
1999 寺外窯(てらがいどうがま)杉本貞光 入門
2005 独立

2018 個展「贋者」(白白庵 / 東京)
    激陶者集団へうげ十作展「へうげdeマテリアル」(MTRL KYOTO / 京都)
    伊勢丹新宿店 本館5階 キッチンダイニング 伊豆野 一政 展「クロノス ~時の翁~」
    NEXT5 hyougemono 2018 発売記念大披露宴(パークホテル東京 / 東京)
2019 「Next5 hyougemono 2018 発売記念大博覧会」(まど枠、ココラボラトリー / 秋田)
    白白庵 企画 伊豆野一政 個展 「SHINSO」(白白庵 / 東京)
    白白庵 迎春特別企画 「大縁起物展」(白白庵 / 東京)
2020 白白庵 新春特別展 「茶ノ湯コレクション二〇二〇」(白白庵 / 東京)
    白白庵 新春特別展 其の二 「輝け!第一回 壺1グランプリ」(白白庵 / 東京)
    アートラウンジ 白白庵常設作品展「春のしつらえ 壺まつり」(パークホテル東京 / 東京)


Ceramic artist / Resident in Saitama pref.

【Brief Personal History】
1974 Born in Akita
1999 Graduated from the Department of Information Design at Kyoto University of Art and Design
1999 Became a discipline of SUGIMOTO Sadamitsu at Teragaidougama kiln.
2005 Independent

【Major Exhibitions in Recent Years】
2018 PAKUPAKUAN presents Solo exhibition by IZUNO Kazumasa “Faker” (PAKUPAKUAN / Tokyo)
    The tremendous exhibition by “Hyouge Jissaku
    (Extreme Potters group from the courtesy of a popular comic “Hyougemono”)
    PAKUPAKUAN presents: A solo exhibition by potter IZUNO Kazumasa
    “Chronus” “Father Time” (Isetan Shinjuku Store / Tokyo)
    “ART LOUNGE the 10th exhibition by PAKUPAKUAN “NEXT5 x HyougeMono 2018
    Banquet commemorating the release of corroboration work” the group exhibition of items
    for sake by 49 potters from “HYOUGE JISSAKU” with friends” (Park Hotel Tokyo / Tokyo)
2019 “NEXT5 x HyougeMono Exposition” (madowaku, cocolaboratory / Akita)
    Ceramic artist IZUNO Kazumasa solo exhibition ”SHINSO”(PAKUPAKUAN / Tokyo)
    Greeting the New Year special exhibition "Great exhibition of lucky charm" (PAKUPAKUAN / Tokyo)
2020 PAKUPAKUAN New Year special exhibition "Tea ceremony items collection 2020" (PAKUPAKUAN / Tokyo)
    PAKUPAKUAN New Year special exhibition vol.2 "The 1st TSUBO-1 Grand prix" (PAKUPAKUAN / Tokyo)
    ART LOUNGE exhibition Spring Installation "TSUBO MATSURI -Pot Festival-" (Park Hotel Tokyo / Tokyo)