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伊藤千穂 ITO Chiho




The horizon of glitter

ITO Chiho is also known as an artist of Oribe pottery, which is rare for a woman, and she is very popular in galleries and department stores all over Japan.
Her first solo exhibition at PAKUPAKUAN was held last December and was well received.

While increasing demand for her work in the contemporary tea ceremony scene, we will be showing her new works, mainly from her signature series, "KIRAMEKI (glitter)".
We look forward to seeing the artist who continues to make new attempts and broaden the range of her expression, and we are excited to see what she can do beyond the horizon.

伊藤 千穂 ITO Chiho

陶芸家 / 愛知県在住

1999 愛知県立窯業高等技術専門校 卒業
2013 瀬戸市赤津 六兵衛陶苑 にて織部・赤津焼を学ぶ
2005 瀬戸市陶生町に現在の工房を建てる


Ceramic artist / Resident in Aichi pref.

【Personal Brief History】
Born in Nagoya city.
After graduation from a high school and a vocational school, she worked for a hair salon in Nagoya city.
1999 Graduated from Ceramic Vocational Training Institute of Aichi Prefecture (Current: Vocational Training Ceramic Institute Nagoya Ceramic School of Aichi Prefecture)
    Learn Oribe / Akazu ware at Rokubee Touen in Akadu, Seto city.
    Started to make ceramics in Mizuno, Seto city.
2005 Built the current atelier at Tousei-Cho, Seto city.