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仲岡信人 NAKAOKA Nobuhito

仲岡 信人 NAKAOKA Nobuhito

陶芸家 / 兵庫県在住

1977 大阪に生まれる
1996 高等学校卒業後、丹波焼作家「西端正」氏に師事
2001 京都市工業試験場 陶磁器科修業
2003 青年海外協力隊 陶磁器隊員としてセントビンセントに赴任
2005 任期終了、帰国
2006 兵庫県篠山市「立杭」にて独立・築窯




Ceramic artist / Resident in Hyogo pref.

1977 Born in Osaka
1996 After graduating from high school, studied under the Tanba ware artist,
    NISHIHATA Tadashi
2001 Trained at the Department of Ceramics, Kyoto Municipal Institute of Industrial Research
2003 Assigned to Saint Vincent as a member of the Japan Overseas Cooperation
    Volunteers (JOCV) Ceramics Team
2005 Returned to Japan at the end of his term of office
2006 Became independent and built a kiln in “Tachikui”, Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture.