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いちかわともこ ICHIKAWA Tomoko


いちかわ ともこ ICHIKAWA Tomoko

絵画・絵本作家 / 京都府在住

主に神や人、動物、植物、山、星々などをモチーフにし、マトリョーシカやこけしは、それらを宿すお守りのような存在として位置づけ、絵画は、心が還ってゆける場所 - 心の聖域を具現化するものとして展開している。

2021 ボローニャ国際絵本原画展 最終入選



Painting and picture book artist / Resident in Kyoto

Born in Osaka, currently based in Kyoto.
She has mainly drawn paintings, illustrations, picture books, matryoshka and kokeshi wooden dolls.
She usually uses gods, people, animals, plants, mountains and stars as her motifs, and for her, matryoshka and kokeshi dolls are positioned as a kind of talisman to contain her motifs. She regards the paintings as something to embody the sanctuary of the heart - a place where the heart can return to.
In recent years, she has expanded her activities such as the package design for aroma shops and the wrapping paper for baked sweets shops.

The winners of the 2021 Illustrators Exhibition in Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2021