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角居康宏 銚子 八角 SMISK008

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作品名:銚子 八角






錫は錆びない金属なので、特別なお手入れは必要ありません。 通常のご使用であればスポンジを用いて中性洗剤(台所用 洗剤)で洗った後、布で拭くだけで充分です。
長年の使用によって曇りなどが生じた場合は、重曹や歯磨き粉などを少量濡れた布にとって磨くと元の輝きが戻ります。 また、錫は柔らかい金属の為、過度に力をかけることはせず、 タワシなどのご使用もお控えください。金属製のカトラリー (ナイフ、フォーク、スプーンなど)も傷の原因となることがあります。
熱伝導に優れているため、火のそばに置いたり熱湯を注ぐ事 は火傷の原因となりますのでご注意ください。錫は低温の環境に置くと変質する可能性があります。冷凍庫に入れたり冷蔵庫での長期保管はおやめください。電子レンジや直火でのご使用はできません。



Article number:SMISK008
Artist name:SUMII Yasuhiro
Title:Pitcher / octagon
Material:Tin, brass, cane
Note:The wooden box is not included. (When it is necessary, please contact us.)

[About Tin Products]
Tin is not only harmless to humans but also has been used for centuries to enhance the taste of sake.
Tin is a good conductor of heat. It can be used for heating or cooling sake, quickly making sake mellow.
Tin also has the ability to purify water. Vases made of tin have been shown to help flowers last longer. 

[Handling of Tin]
Tin is a non-rusting metal and does not require any special care. For normal use, it can be washed with a sponge in neutral detergent (kitchen detergent) and be wiped with a cloth.
If the piece becomes cloudy after years of use, please polish it with a small amount of baking soda or toothpaste on a wet cloth, restoring the original brilliance of it. Tin is a soft metal and should not be used with excessive force or with scrub brushes. Metal cutlery (knives, forks, spoons, etc.) may also cause scratches.
Due to its excellent heat conduction, it is not suitable for use near a fire or pouring boiling water into tinware, which can cause skin burns. Do not expose tin to low temperatures because it may deteriorate. Please refrain from storing it in a freezer or refrigerator for a long period. Do not use it in a microwave oven or over an open flame.

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