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楠田直子 乾漆酒器セット 煙霞 KSDSK001

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作品名:乾漆酒器セット 煙霞

寸法:片口 H8×W9.5×D6.5cm / 盃 H4×φ4.5cm(2点とも)

重量:片口 80g / 盃 10g(2点とも)

材質:漆器(呂 / 錫)




Article number : KSDSK001
Artist name:KUSUDA Naoko
Title:Dried lacque sake bottle / smoke and mist
Size:Lipped bowl H8×W9.5×D6.5cm / Sake cups  H4×φ4.5cmcm
Weight:Lipped bowl 80g / Sake cups 10g
Material:Lacquerware  (Finishing with RO (to make it sheen) / tin)
Note:The wooden box is not included. (When it is necessary, please contact us.)
Price:50,000JPY (not including tax)