Enjoy the new daily life with "Japanese Hybrid Art" from Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN

栢野紀文 KAYANO Kibun


 輝かしいモーニングを 祝福し、
 懐かしくも新しい 道をすすむ。
 人生の食卓に サーカスあれ!



The sun shines the daytime, and the moon shines the night.
〜The world of KAYANO Kibun〜

Blessing bright morning,
Going a nostalgic yet fresh way.
May you have a “circus” on a dining  table of your life!

There are colorful and pop patterns drawn on various works. KAYANO’s works are practically useful and show the one and only existence. He has a wide range of stable fans regardless of age or gender. He is also active as a main member of “Hyouge Jissaku (The extreme potters’ group from the courtesy of a popular comic “HYOUGE MONO” (KODANSHA / Yoshihiro Yamada))” and creates laborious tea ceremony tools or objects.

We planned to hold his solo exhibition but unfortunately, we need to suspend our store business and will show mainly his latest works here. We hope you like them!

栢野 紀文  KAYANO Kibun

陶芸家 / 愛知県在住

1971 岡山県総社市に生まれる
1997 岡山大学大学院 教育学研究科 修了
1997 滋賀県陶芸の森に入る(創作研修生)
1998 愛知県常滑市に移り陶芸家・吉川正道氏に師事
2004 独立

1997 「朝日陶芸展」・グランプリ受賞
2015 第四回「天祭 一〇八」増上寺現代コレクション・三位(所蔵)


Ceramic artist / Resident in Aichi pref.

【Brief Personal Histroy】
1971 Born in Soja City, Okayama Prefecture
1997 Graduated from OKAYAMA UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Education
1997 Join the artist residence at The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park
1998 Moved to Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture and learned under the pottery artist YOSHIKAWA Masamichi
2004 Independent

1997 Won the Grand Prize in “ASAHI CERAMIC ART EXHIBITION”
2015 Won the Third prize at “Zojoji Temple Contemporary Collection” in the 4th Tensai 108 (Owned by Zojoji Temple)