Enjoy the new daily life with "Japanese Hybrid Art" from Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN

木ノ戸久仁子 KINOTO Kuniko


長い月日がめぐり やがて全てが石になる前に

人の心が形となり 人の記憶が刻まれる





KINOTO Kuinko / Future "The world petrification plan"

Before many years pass and everything all become stones someday,
I want to create such stones that human minds are taken shape, and human memories are engraved on

KINOTO Kuniko has been creating artificial “stones” with a ceramic technique since she became obsessed with the charms of stones.
She named the stones “Kishouseki”, that is produced like alchemy and has been improving them every day.
She has made artworks mixed Kishouseki with not only objects but also practical vessels such as tea bowls or sake cups. Her works are evaluated by tea masters or art lovers, and she has broadened the range of expression.
In her first exhibition at PAKUPAKUAN (this February), quite a few people took her artworks such as luminous works and tea bowls.
“The World Petrification Plan” is still middle-of-the-road, and we would like to pay attention to its future with all of you.