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The world is made with stones.

白白庵 オンライン+アポイントメント企画

陶芸家・木ノ戸 久仁子 個展
『 続 ・ 世 界 石 化 計 画 』

Ceramic artist KINOTO Kuniko solo exhibition
A sequel to “The world petrification plan”

日時 9月18日(土)午前11時 ~ 27日(月)午後7時

DATE & TIME :  2021.9.18 Sat. 11:00am. - 9.27 Mon. 7:00pm.








February 2020, on the previous night of the world being engulfed in the fury of COVID-19.

KINOTO Kuniko's first solo exhibition at PAKUPAKUAN was a great success, leaving a great response.
Only a month later, our store was closed and exhibitions started to be held online.
Faced with the threat of the virus that has yet to go away, the artist, who is obsessed with "stone," did not stop her daily work.
She wants to create with her own hands the "stones" that will always fascinate people.
KINOTO Kuniko has been trying to realize her dream like alchemy through her own research.
The earth is a large living organism, and its movement causes volcanoes to erupt and the hot outpourings to be congealed.
The earth's surface rumbles and writhes, and the shattered plates are polished by wind and rain.
The "stone" solidified over a long period of time.
In contrast, a human being, who will finish her life in a very short moment, puts her heart and soul into creating “KISHOU-SEKI (artificial crystal stone)” while challenging the great existence of nature.
As an object of universal romance and prayer for mankind, a new lineage of stones will be born here.


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  This exhibition was finished. Thank you for visiting gallery !


木ノ戸 久仁子 KINOTO Kuniko

(陶芸家 / 滋賀県在住)

1976 滋賀県に生まれる
1995 登り窯窯元宗陶苑にて作陶を始める
1998 ニュージーランドにて一年間作陶
2001 信楽窯業試験所釉薬科 修了

2008 「第19回秀明文化基金賞」

Ceramic artist / Resident in Shiga pref.

【Brief personal history】
1976 Born in Shiga Prefecture
1995 Started to make ceramics at Climbing Kiln Pottery Soutouen
    Joined the ceramic artist group “SEEDS”
1998 Made ceramics for 1 year in New Zealand
2001 Completed the Graze Course at Industrial Research Center of Shiga Prefecture
2011~ Established a kiln at Hieidaira, Shiga pref.

2008 Selected, "The 19th Shumei Culture Foundation Prize"


石橋 圭吾 (白白庵) ISHIBASHI Keigo (PAKUPAKUAN)