Enjoy the new daily life with "Japanese Hybrid Art" from Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN

This exhibition was finished.

~ 月のうさぎに一服差し上げよう。~
I will serve a bowl of tea to a rabbit of the moon.

白白庵 オンライン+アポイントメント限定企画

壺 中 日 月 長


PAKUPAKUAN presents : Autumn season special exhibition
~Tiny tea room is a utopia~

掛軸:書道家 万美「壺中日月長」(表装・京表具井上光雅堂)

日時 10月31日(土)午前11時~11月9日(月)午後7時

DATE & TIME : 10.31 Sat. 11:00am. - 11.9 Mon. 7:00pm.

日程 会期中の金・土・日・月曜日 及び 祝日 限定
時間 午前11時~午後7時 の間で 一時間枠
  • 一時間を上限とする来訪枠を設定し、各枠内で最大2名までの受付といたします。
  • 3名様以上でのグループのご来訪はお断りします。
  • アポイントは訪問前日の営業時間内までの予約受付を必須とさせていただきます(メール、電話、各種SNSからのメッセージにて)。
  • マスク着用、入口でのアルコール消毒・検温必須。
  • 感染症予防対策を万全に講じ、事前予約のある方のみ来場可能とさせていただきます。
会場 白白庵(1階エントランスギャラリー、2階サロン)
   〒106-0072 東京都港区南青山二丁目17-14
   TEL&FAX 03-3402-3021
   www.pakupakuan.jp | info@pakupakuan.jp

【Appointment for visiting PAKUPAKUAN gallery】

DATE : Only Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and National holidays during 2020.10.31 Sat. - 11.9 Mon.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday are online business days, Thursday is a regular holiday.
TIME : 1 hour during 11:00am. to 7:00pm.
  • Only less than 3 people will be accepted in each time schedules.
  • We do not give the permission to visit to our gallery if visitors will be over 3 members.
  • Please contact us if you hope to visit us, until in business hours (11:00-19:00) of the day before visit (mail, telephone, or message from any SNS).
  • Mask wearing, alcohol sterilization, the thermometry at the entrance are required.

VENUE : PAKUPAKUAN (Entrance gallery at 1st floor)
     2-17-14, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN   zip 107-0062
     TEL & FAX  03-3402-3021
     URL www.pakupakuan.jp Mail info@pakupakuan.jp


While everyone thinks about how to spend time at home during the COVID 19  epidemic, how do we translate and express the essence of the tea ceremony, which has been taken over from generation to generation, in the "new daily life" that has gradually begun to take hold?

PAKUPAKUAN has been exploring the way of tea for the future, and has been sending our messages to the world online every day.

As we are unable to hold tea ceremonies in our actual tea room for the time being, we have suggested some items for you to enjoy tea in your own home on a long autumn evening.

"KO CHU NICHI GETSU NAGASHI" is a Zen term that refers to the idea of regarding a small room (tea room) as a sacred space beyond time and space, and also as a place to experience other dimensions as you please.

Right now, let's enjoy a cup of tea to free our trapped bodies and minds from within ourselves!




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  • 石橋 圭吾 (白白庵) ISHIBASHI Keigo (PAKUPAKUAN)