Collection: 大槻香奈が描く「この状況下」の世界




The World “Under this Situation” Drawn by OHTSUKI Kana

OHTSUKI Kana, who plays an active part as a fine arts artist, planned to hold her solo exhibition at PAKUPAKUAN in the Golden Week this year. Now we cannot open our store, unfortunately, but here we decided to exclusively show the series of her new works that only OHTSUKI could have drawn exactly “under this situation”.

She kept drawing the “girls” since she made her debut, and now the girls have come back and worn masks in the present day that we are afflicted by COVID-19. In 2008, she started a new series to make a drawing on a newspaper flyer and the series has come back in this exhibition; she has painted what she could draw only now.

She has gazed at what happens in front of us as a fine art artist and she has drawn while satirizing or expecting the future. How about adding her work to your collections?

大槻 香奈 OHTSUKI Kana



Born in 1984
Made her debut in 2007, and has participated in various exhibitions whether domestic or foreign
She captures contemporary Japan as “pupa” and attempts to draw the world including what to be born and what to be dying from an objective viewpoint.
Not only her representative series of girls portraits drawn by acryl, but also she has widen the range of expressions such as abstract expression, 3D work, and illustration.