Collection: フクモ陶器 作品一覧


陶芸家 / 神奈川県在住


激陶者集団へうげ十作の一員としても、「天祭 一〇八」などで活躍。

2017 個展「冥土の土産物展」(白白庵 / 東京)
    「KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2017」白白庵より出品(KUMU金沢 / 石川)
2018 アートラウンジ「華祀り」(パークホテル東京 / 東京)
    「NEXT5 × Hyougemono 2018 発売記念大披露宴」(パークホテル東京 / 東京)
2020 「壺1グランプリ」(白白庵 / 東京)



Ceramic artist / Resident in Kanagawa Prefecture

FUKUMO Touki, the original brand, has started around since 2004.
It has developed, manufactured, and sold cheesy antiques, fake souvenirs, and unusual objects. It engages in the activities to deceive people and sell artworks at high prices in various locations.
Gender, age, and other details are unknown.
As a member of “Hyouge Jissaku (Extreme Potters group from the courtesy of a popular comic “Hyougemono”), the artist is active in “Tensai 108” and other events.
It is also rumored to be associated with the unit "Tutankhamundou”.

2017 Solo exhibition "Souvenir shop of the other world" (Pakupakuan / Tokyo)
    Exhibited at "KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2017" from Pakupakuan (KUMU Kanazawa / Ishikawa)
2018 Art Lounge "HANA MATSURI: worship flowers" (Park Hotel Tokyo / Tokyo)
    “NEXT5 x HyougeMono 2018 Banquet commemorating the release of corroboration work” the group exhibition of Sake items by 49 potters from “Hyouge Jissaku” with friends” (Park Hotel Tokyo / Tokyo)
2020 “The 1st TSUBO-1 Grand Prix” (Pakupakuan / Tokyo)
And it appears in unexpected places at unexpected moments.