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~ 南青山で夕涼み ~
Enjoy the cool of the evening at Minami Aoyama

白白庵 企画

夏の宵茶会 2022

青 山 白 雲

Summer Night Tea Ceremony 2022
“SEIZAN HAKUUN(Immovable mountain & moving cloud)”

日時 7月30日(土)午後3時 ~ 8月7日(日)午後9時

DATE & TIME :  2022.7.30 Sat. 3:00pm. - 8.7 Sun. 9:00pm.




タイトルの「青山白雲」は禅語の「青山元不動 白雲自去来」(せいざんもとふどう はくうんおのずからきょらいす)から引用しました。


The popular annual Summer Evening Tea Ceremony has been held repeatedly under the themes of 'Inei Raisan'(In Praise of Shadows) and 'Yugen no Bi' (The Beauty of Ghosts).
Last year, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company's founding, the event was held in the form of a special online + gallery event, which was very well received.
This year, the exhibition will again be held both on the online shop website 《pakupakuan.shop》 and in the gallery.
The exhibiting artists are all talented artists that PAKUPAKUAN is proud of.
Flower arrangement by YAMADA Shoshun (Flower arrangement artist) adds color to the venue, while tea ceremony by MATSUMURA Soryo (Tea master) is held on the first day.
On the second day, a cocktail tea ceremony by INOUE Daisuke(Bartender) will be held in the evening.
The title 'SEIZAN HAKUUN' is taken from the Zen phrase '青山元不動 白雲自去来 ' (Seizan motofudo hakuun onozukara kyoraisu).

Clouds drifting freely and changeably around a mountain that rises majestically.
Although the former is a metaphor for an immovable heart (Buddha nature) and the latter for human earthly desire, it can also be felt that they complement and enhance each other in a dynamic/immovable relationship.

We, who, coincidentally, have a white hermitage in Aoyama(青山), would like to continue to renew the context of Japanese beauty in the future with a flexible and impervious spirit, upholding the essence of unwavering beauty, while keeping close to the movements of the times and the hearts of people.
We hope you will enjoy the most exquisite moments on a midsummer's evening.



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  This exhibition was finished. Thank you for visiting gallery !


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